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The Summit comes to Oklahoma!

November 11, 2011 J

Getting from Oklahoma to Washington, DC, can be tough at times. Hey, flights are pricey and that 1,300-mile drive takes a while. So that’s why AFP-Oklahoma brought the 2011 Defending The American Dream Summit to the Twin Territories.

On Friday, Nov. 11, AFP-Oklahoma was honored to have the featured presentation at the weekly meeting of the High Noon Club in Oklahoma City.

The luncheon featured a full PowerPoint presentation of the Summit by State Director Stuart Jolly. In that presentation, he shared every bit about the Summit that he could, from the various breakout sessions to the great list of speakers that appeared at the event. Attendees at the weekly meeting were able to see a lot of great photos from the event that gave them a good idea what went down at the Summit.

Several members of the HNC joined us in DC and they shared their comments as well, from what they attended to their thoughts on the OccupyDC protesters which attempted to disrupt the weekend.

After wrapping up comments on the Summit itself, Jolly and HNC moderator Bob Dani talked about what took place on the Sunday after the Summit – the special add-on trip to Gettysburg. Both men shared their comments on the awe-inspiring trip to the key battle of the Civil War, sharing stories from the trip and commenting on what they saw at the site.

All in all, it was a great afternoon and the crowd of about 100 High Noon Club members got the full Summit experience from the comfort of the H&H Gun Range in Oklahoma City, host site of the weekly meetings. For more on the HNC, check out their website.

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