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Hugo crowd boisterous, excited for presentation

October 28, 2011 J

Nationally, Oklahoma is known as red through and through.

On the state level, however, there are still some areas where conservative ideas aren’t the norm. For many years, Hugo was one of those places.

But the tide is starting to turn.

In front of a crowd of 50 motivated individuals, the Choctaw Co. GOP hosted its monthly meeting on Thursday, Oct. 27th and AFP-Oklahoma was the centerpiece of the evening. After a wonderful pot luck dinner, the group began their meeting. Soon after that, State Director Stuart Jolly spoke to the crowd about AFP’s core messages and gave them an update on what is happening in Washington, DC, and in up and down Lincoln Blvd. as well.

The turnout was simply spectacular. Before the meeting, I had spoken to several who told me about the days where their meetings would be in the single digits. But things are changing in recent years. The increased national debt and awakening to fiscally conservative values are just a couple of reasons why groups like this in formerly yellow-dog Little Dixie are starting to see an uptick in membership.

AFP-Oklahoma thanks everyone who came out to listen to our message. And we also want to thank the Choctaw Co. GOP for their invitation and hospitality.

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