Ask Your State Senator to Support HB 2032

March 20, 2013

Oklahoma is on the verge of passing an important tax cut – allowing you to keep more money in your pocket and making our state more competitive. The Oklahoma Senate is currently debating an important bill to cut our state’s income tax rate from 5.25 to 5.0 percent. We are asking you to contact your state Senator in support of this crucial bill.

Click here to contact your Senator today and urge support for HB 2032!

Americans for Prosperity supports HB 2032, a bill which would cut our state’s income tax rate without requiring any new revenue. This means more Oklahomans will keep more of their hard-earned money to spend, save and invest as they see fit. This bill has passed the House and has the full support of the Governor. It’s now up to the Senate to do the right thing and pass HB 2032.

AFP-Oklahoma fully supports House Bill 2032 and we hope you will ask your lawmaker to do so as well.

We are close to victory. Help us push this tax cut across the finish line.

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