Income tax cut in danger! Help HB 2032 get heard!

April 03, 2013

The income tax cut bill, HB 2032, has been stalled in the Senate Finance Committee and is in danger! Why? Because committee chairman Senator Mike Mazzei refused to hear this important bill for Oklahoma taxpayers.

CLICK HERE to tell Senator Mazzei to give HB 2032 a fair hearing!

This bill cuts our state income tax down to 5 percent in a revenue-neutral, fiscally responsible manner.  We need you to contact Senator Mazzei immediately and ask him to hear HB 2032 so that Oklahomans can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Additionally, this bill makes Oklahoma more economically competitive with surrounding states. This bill has passed the House and has the full support of the Governor. It’s now up to the Senator Mazzei to do the right thing and allow HB 2032 to move forward!

AFP Oklahoma fully supports HB 2032 and we ask that you contact Senator Mazzei and ask him to support this crucial income tax cut!

Please contact Senator Mazzei today!

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