Behind Closed Doors

May 07, 2013

Dear Oklahoman,

The Oklahoma Legislature is currently debating a bill that, if passed, will expand Medicaid in Oklahoma under ObamaCare!

Please contact your lawmakers today and let them know that you STRONGLY oppose Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma. SB640 expands Medicaid under the provisions of ObamaCare. It asks state taxpayers to trust the same federal government which now tells us ObamaCare will cost as much as three times its initial cost projection. Furthermore, state Senate Bill 640 will require the stamp of approval from President Obama’s Secretary of Health and Human Services. That’s not what I call a state solution.

Americans for Prosperity strongly opposes Senate Bill 640, which will expand Medicaid in Oklahoma under President Obama’s health care law.

It has been estimated that expanding the program further could add as many as 235,000 more Oklahomans to the Medicaid rolls, increasing costs on taxpayers. We must reform Medicaid, not expand it!

ObamaCare is a terrible law with dramatic implications for both state and federal taxpayers and future generations of Oklahomans. AFP strongly opposes Senate Bill 640 because it vastly expands Medicaid in Oklahoma under Obama’s health care law.

Click here to tell your lawmakers to oppose SB 640 today!

For Freedom,

Matt Ball
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Oklahoma

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