AFP Applauds Efforts to Cut State’s Income Tax Rate

March 20, 2013

Today, the Oklahoma chapter of Americans for Prosperity announced its support for good-faith efforts at the state legislature to cut income tax rates for Oklahoma taxpayers.

“We applaud Governor Fallin and House and Senate leadership for resolving to reduce the tax burden of working Oklahoma families,” said Matt Ball, AFP State Director for Oklahoma.

“Specifically, AFP-Oklahoma applauds the House passage of HB 2032, fully supported by Governor Fallin and authored by Speaker Shannon and Pro-Tem Bingman. We will be calling upon our more than 25,000 grassroots activists across the state to ask their state Senators to support this bill which would cut the state’s income tax rate from 5.25 percent to 5.0 percent,” Ball said. “This bill represents a good first-step for the state government to reduce its tax burden on Oklahoma families and move toward elimination of taxing income altogether.”

“As President Obama continues to chart a tax-and-spend course from Washington, the state of Oklahoma has an opportunity to demonstrate that its leaders know the best recipe for a prosperous future: lower taxes, smaller government, and harnessing the power of free markets to solve our most pressing public policy questions. AFP-Oklahoma and its more than 25,000 grassroots leaders across the state look forward to engaging our elected leaders to chart a fundamentally different course from that of Washington D.C on the issues of taxes and spending.”

To interview Matt Ball please email or call 405-315-3668.

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