About AFP-Oklahoma

Our Mission

Americans for Prosperity™ (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) in Oklahoma are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. We currently have over 25,000 activists state wide. AFP Oklahoma is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots activists of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

AFP Foundation is committed to educating citizens about economic policy and a return of the federal government to its Constitutional limits. AFP Foundation’s educational programs and analyses help policymakers, the media, and individual citizens understand why policies that promote the American enterprise system are the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Americans. To that end, AFP and AFP Foundation support:

  • Cutting taxes and government spending in order to halt the encroachment of government in the economic lives of citizens by fighting proposed tax increases and pointing out evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse.
  • Tax and Expenditure Limitations to promote fiscal responsibility.
  • Removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and opportunity by sparking citizen involvement in the regulatory process early on in order to reduce red tape.
  • Restoring fairness to our judicial system.

Who We Are

We are the Oklahoma chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s premier grassroots organization of citizen leaders working together at the national, state and local levels to protect and advance the individual right to economic freedom.
We dedicate ourselves to educating citizens about economic policy, and then mobilizing them to become advocates in the public policy process. Our 25,000 activists here in Oklahoma understand the importance of securing a limited-power government, and know what it takes to fight the growth and return government to its constitutional limits.
Throughout Oklahoma and across the county, it is becoming more and more important to ensure fiscal restraint and responsibility in the government. Please join us is the fight to secure the free-market economy and the future of your economic freedom.
In Oklahoma, AFP has a reputation of working on both sides of the aisle to accomplish what is best for taxpayers of our great state. We want to encourage you to get involved and stay involved in order to make a difference.  AFP has been in Oklahoma for over five years now, and we are growing at an enormous rate.  Encourage your family and friends to become a part of something that is making a difference and holding our legislators responsible on both the local and national levels.

What We Do

AFP’s network of organized and influential citizen leaders across Oklahoma is working to change the state one issue at a time.

  • AFP mobilizes citizens to effectively make their voices heard in public policy issue campaigns.
  • AFP educates citizens about where their elected officials stand on our issues.
  • AFP and AFP Foundation combine “best-in-class” capabilities built once at the national level with local knowledge from our state staff and on-the-ground armies to create economies of scale that win.
  • AFP and AFP Foundation leverage our comparative advantages with those of other groups by building coalitions of local, state, and national organizations fighting for a common cause.
  • Through its Grassroots Training Schools, AFP Foundation has recruited and educated thousands of citizens on how to promote greater economic prosperity.

Policy FOCUS 2011/2012 Legislative session:

  • Comprehensive Tax Reform
  1. Reduce/eliminate income tax  – and increase revenues
  2. Eliminate Transferable Tax Credits – they don’t work!
  3. Eliminate Franchise Tax – compliance too burdensome when combined the oppressive 6% state corporate tax
  • School Choice for all Oklahoma student
  1. Build on 2010’s special needs school choice bill
  2. Better schools: A product of parents making decisions that are right for their own kids
  3. Competition among schools is good – School Choice helps create competition
  • Pension Reform
  1. Oklahoma has over $16 billion in unfunded liabilities!
  2. Imperative to move state to defined-contribution system
  3. Create portable benefits for younger participants
  • Education Spending and Administrative Burden
  1. Direct money to the classroom where it belongs
  2. Lower “Administration Costs” from the 530+ school districts
  3. Properly prioritize education dollars now
  • Workers’ Compensation Reform
  1. Simplify WC laws to enable employers to seek alternative WC coverage
  2. Create a system that works for workers – not lawyers
  3. Restructure OK WC system from a “court system” to an “administrative system”
  • Property Tax Reform
  1. Cap property tax rates now – 5% is too high
  2. Freeze property taxes for seniors, regardless of income
  3. Encourage OK citizens to stay in Oklahoma – lower property taxes now
  • Legal / Tort Reform
  1. Create environment that invites business into Oklahoma – not one that forces doctors and businesses to leave
  2. Implement Texas-style legal reforms that have been shown to work
  3. Tweak existing reforms – we’re on the right track
  • Smaller, More Limited State Government
  1. Reduce agencies, boards and commissions by combining duplicative functions
  2. Streamline technology functions across agencies
  3. Combine, reduce, and eliminate smaller school districts (not schools, but the administration) 
  • Expose & End the practice of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbyists
  1. Require state agencies to disclose how much they pay lobbyists w/taxpayer dollars
  2. Transparency is required…demanded!
  3. Using taxpayer’s dollars to hire contract lobbyists to go back to the capitol to lobby for more tax dollars is wrong!
  • Budget Reforms/Spending Limits
  1. Rein in overall state spending to reflect fiscal responsibility
  2. Craft state budget that focuses on the core responsibilities of state government