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Americans for Prosperity Radio Ad Calls out Obama's War on Coal

October 12, 2012

Americans for Prosperity Radio Ad Calls out Obama’s War on Coal
$170,000 Ad Effort Urges Citizens to Tell President Obama His Policies are Hurting Ohioans

COLUMBUS, OH – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) – Ohio, the state’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom and limited government, today began airing a new radio ad highlighting how President Obama’s energy policies are bankrupting coal plants and hurting Ohioans.


Instead of working to create jobs and keep energy costs low, President Obama has continually pushed for failed green energy policies, forcing coal plants to shut down, killing thousands of jobs in an already depressed economy, and skyrocketing energy prices,” said Seth Morgan, AFP-Ohio Policy Director. “Even worse, President Obama knows that his policies are destructive – he has admitted that they will raise electricity prices.”

The ad quotes President Obama saying “Under my plan…electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.

Americans for Prosperity is airing the ad primarily in Southeast Ohio, where 86% of Ohio’s electricity is made and the region most acutely impacted by the administration’s energy policies. A similar ad is running in parts of Virginia as well. The ads are AFP’s latest effort to push back against the President’s energy policies and restore economic freedom to the energy market.

“With so many coal mines closing and Ohioans losing their jobs, it defies belief that President Obama is doubling down on his foolish policies,” Morgan continued. “We hope the President will listen to this ad and stop hurting our economy.”

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