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AFP Launches $100K Statewide Radio Buy

August 15, 2012

AFP Launches $100K Statewide Radio Buy
Ads Highlight Sherrod Brown’s disastrous vote on health care

Columbus, OH – Today Americans for Prosperity-Ohio, the nation’s largest advocate for economic freedom with over 70,000 members in the Buckeye State, announced the launch of new radio ads highlighting Sherrod Brown’s radical health care agenda. The ads will air in Cleveland and Toledo, totaling approximately $100,000. These new ads are on top of radio ads currently airing in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cambridge.

The new ad holds Brown accountable for casting the deciding vote on President Obama’s health care takeover that adds a 1.76 trillion dollar tax to the economy, destroys the patient-doctor relationship, and gives too much control to Washington bureaucrats.

The simple truth is Ohioans can’t afford a health care plan that spends trillions and reduces their quality of health care,” said Seth Morgan, AFP-Ohio Policy Director. “Sherrod Brown’s deciding health care vote is just one example of his relentless promotion of President Obama’s agenda, disregarding what is in the best interest of Ohioans.”

Morgan continued, “In a time when Ohio families have been pinching pennies, Brown continues to spend our tax dollars as if there are no limits and push policies in Washington that hurt us here at home. The real question each Ohioan needs to ask themselves is Has Brown Worked for You OR is he more interested in supporting failed liberal policies in Washington?”


These radio ads are just part of AFP-Ohio’s statewide operation titled, “Has Brown Worked For You?” which is working to educate Ohioans on Senator Sherrod Brown’s voting record. The operation also includes phone calls, digital billboards and vans traveling the state wrapped with the “Has Brown Worked For You?” message.

Learn more at HasBrownWorkedforYou.org

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