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July 19, 2012 J

For the last several years, news of Ohio’s economy and jobs picture has been bleak. But now, Ohio has a unique and very exciting opportunity – the exploration for oil and natural gas.

The opportunity presented through shale exploration is nothing short of a boom for Ohio’s economy. Whether you live on the eastern side or the western side of the state– all of Ohio is bound to be positively impacted through the exploration and extraction of energy producing resources from our ground.

Unfortunately, some leaders in Ohio, including Governor Kasich, have suggested that taxes be increased on the oil and natural gas explorers to fund regulation and provide a tax decrease at legislative discretion – in essence, the plan will slow or stifle energy exploration, pick winners and losers again, and fail to secure true tax reform which is necessary in Ohio.

If our elected officials want to lower taxes they should they should do it by following through on cuts to Ohio’s bloated government rather than raising taxes on job creators and stifling the true creation of wealth by private landowners.

This issue promises to continue to be heated throughout the summer and fall and we at Americans for Prosperity – Ohio aren’t going to just go away.

You have responded to our calls to action before on this issue and NOW WE ARE ASKING YOU TO RESPOND AGAIN.

Please let your leaders know that you:

  1. Want to them to stop picking winners and losers
  2. Oppose this tax increase that will impact private land holder rights
  3. Support exploring for energy in Ohio and are committed to keeping government intrusion at a minimum
  4. Believe government stifling private economic growth WILL NOT lead to true job creation
Action items:
  1. Email Governor Kasich and the Senate leadership including your Senator – tell them you don’t want to see new taxes raised on energy explorers and land holders in Ohio.
  2. Email Speaker of the House Batchelder, the House leadership and your Representative and thank them for standing up for landholders, job creation, and liberty in Ohio. Ask them to remain resolved to fight this proposal.
The general assembly might be “out of session” right now, but the fight for liberty and sound economic policy never ceases – WE NEED YOU TO ACT NOW!

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