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ACTION ALERT: Let the Truth Be Told!

October 13, 2011

Please take action today to stop government union supporters from shutting down the truth about Issue 2. Television stations across Ohio are caving to pressure by government union supporters to pull a television ad that explains the truth about Issue 2.

Click here to tell the television stations to play the ad and let the truth about Issue 2 be told. (Editable text is provided.)

Government Unions have been spreading misinformation about Senate Bill 5 and State Issue 2 (which upholds Senate Bill 5) for months. We Are Ohio, a group of government union supporters working to repeal Senate Bill 5, recently aired a television ad claiming that Issue 2 will jeopardize the safety of our communities because it will decrease the number of firefighters.

We Are Ohio’s ad is misleading. In fact, we need to pass Issue 2, so that government can afford to keep and pay our firefighters. Without Issue 2, we will likely see mass layoffs of service personnel, including firefighters, across the state.

In an ad titled “Life or Death,” Building a Better Ohio (the campaign supporting Issue 2), exposed the misinformation in We Are Ohio’s ad. Government union supporters have responded by putting pressure on television stations to pull Building a Better Ohio’s ad, and unfortunately several have taken it off the air.

We can’t let this happen. The truth about Issue 2 cannot be stifled by the strong arm tactics of government union supporters.

Please click here now to contact the television stations that Building a Better Ohio tells us have pulled their ad. Please tell these stations not to bow to union pressure and to put Building a Better Ohio’s ad on the air.

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