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Education Reform Town Hall this Wednesday in Columbus

March 13, 2011 J

I encourage you to please attend this Wednesday’s Education Reform Town Hall. Details are in the below press release.



On Wednesday, March 16th, 7:30pm at the Gateway Film Center in Columbus, School Choice Ohio will sponsor a Town Hall Meeting and Panel Discussion on the critical need for education reform, featuring a screening of The Cartel, the award-winning documentary exposing waste, fraud and mismanagement in public schools. Following the film will be an interactive Q&A featuring panelists Rep. Matt Huffman, Ohio House Majority Floor Leader, filmmaker Bob Bowdon, and School Choice Ohio Education Analyst Chad Aldis.

The film and event will confront issues on the political front burners in Ohio and elsewhere, and inspire people to fight actively for reform against teachers’ unions and other defenders of the status quo. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said “The Cartel helped to mold for me the final outlines of what I wanted to do. It really has helped me.” [video available at TheCartelMovie.com]

The Cartel begins by showing how insiders exploit the widespread impression that teachers are underpaid, ratcheting spending endlessly higher – while billions of dollars quietly disappear, whistle-blowers are threatened or demoted, and 80% of the money never reaches the classroom.

Amid all of this expensive dysfunction, an even higher price is paid by high school students who can’t read and whole towns where dropouts outnumber graduates – all to protect adults’ jobs and perks in the sprawling, stifling educational bureaucracy.

Having established the critical need for reform, the film then shifts to proven success stories – showing how (and why) school choice in its several forms creates long-overdue accountability, and how schools who have to compete for students produce miracles every day, even in the most blighted urban areas.

Entertaining even as it informs and persuades, The Cartel has won 9 film festival awards. Director Bob Bowdon is a veteran television journalist, having anchored business news for Bloomberg Television and moderated the public affairs series Two Way Street on PBS. Since 2009 he has presented the case for education reform with guest appearances on dozens of television and radio programs nationwide. Mr. Bowdon is available for media interviews in connection with this event.

Discounted tickets may be obtained at TheCartelMovie.com.

To schedule an interview with Bob Bowdon, or for information: Goldman McCormick PR: (516) 639-0988

The Cartel is a production of BowdonMedia in Association with the Moving Picture Institute.

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