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March 07, 2012 J

An extreme, out of state, environmental group is looking to place a reckless constitutional amendment on Ohio’s ballot in November. The group, Yes for Ohio’s Energy, has obviously not learned the lesson from President Obama’s failed energy gambles on bankrupt Solyndra and Beacon Energy—government cannot pick winners and losers by throwing taxpayer dollars at an industry.

The amendment, which was certified by Attorney General Mike DeWine, would require the state to issue $13 billion in bonds to trendy green energy sources over 10 years. Yes, you read that right….BILLION! At a time when families are stretched to their limits, this group now wants Ohio taxpayers to pay $13 billion for research and development of unproven “clean-energy initiatives.”

So just who would control these funds? An out-of-state commission incorporated through a secretive loophole in the state of Delaware! This group is seeking to send your hard-earned tax dollars to a mysterious group with no oversight! In fact, the amendment would forbid members of the Ohio General Assembly, who we have elected to represent our interests, from influencing any project selection or investments.

This is a truly frightening proposal. Click here to take action now by signing AFP-Ohio’s pledge against this radical environmental group wasting your tax dollars!

The radical environmental group is still collecting signatures to place the amendment on the ballot, so keep your eyes open for future updates from AFP-Ohio. With your help, we will fight to protect taxpayer funds from far-reaching environmentalists who are bent on destroying our economy with Obama-style green energy cronyism.

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