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Thanks to everyone who rallied in Columbus and called your Senator! But, we have to keep up the pressure!

February 17, 2011 J

We had a great crowd of supporters for Senate Bill 5 today at the Statehouse! People came from all across Ohio to tell their Senators that Ohio needs public employee collective bargaining reform to get back on track to prosperity. The crowd was energized, and even as I testified for the bill in the Senate building one floor up from the crowd, I could hear the cheers and jeers of the overflow listeners in the Atrium and Rotunda.

I’ve heard reports that more than 5,000 people packed the Statehouse today, and that it was the largest crowd to show up on a piece of legislation in the last 10 years. We, unfortunately, were outnumbered by the union members today at the Statehouse, but we had hundreds more people making calls from home.

Thanks to everyone who came out today and who advocated from home for the crucial reforms in Senate Bill 5. We likely will not be able to match the unions in numbers at the Statehouse, because most of us cannot get paid days off to be there as many of them have. And, we don’t have buses that are paid for by the unions.

This fight is continuing, and there will likely be more hearings next week on Senate Bill 5. We are going to have to show immense support for this bill to counteract the unions’ opposition. Please check back for more information about how we will continue to fight for this important reform.

In the meantime, please continue to call your Senator and let him or her know you support the reforms in Senate Bill 5. Click here for your State Senator’s contact information. Click here to find out who your State Senator is.

Here are some talking points on why reforming Ohio’s collective bargaining laws for public employees is so important:

* According to a report by the Buckeye Institute “State government workers today are paid much more than their private sector neighbors in 85 our of 88 counties.” This is a direct result of Ohio’s outdated collective bargaining law.
* Ohio’s collective bargaining laws must be reformed so that government will have the flexibility to efficiently and effectively manage its workforce to reflect the reality of economic ups and downs.
* These laws prevent government in Ohio from hiring, paying, and promoting based on merit.
* In some circumstances, these laws allow an arbitrator to dictate how much government must pay its employees.
* Ohio needs this reform to balance its budget and to get back on track to prosperity

Here are more pictures from today’s hearing.
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