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AFP-Ohio Marks School Choice Week with Dick Morris

February 15, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=26513|title=SchoolChoice1|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=225]School choice was the topic of discussion in Brecksville on January 26 as AFP-Ohio hosted a town hall discussion in conjunction with National School Choice Week. Event attendees heard a special address from national conservative commentator Dick Morris and then the floor was opened to an informative session from AFP-Ohio Policy Director and former State Representative Seth Morgan and former State School Board member and education policy specialist Colleen Grady.

The evening’s lively discussion was bolstered by audience questions that allowed panelists to delve deep into Ohio’s education dilemma—including issues of graduation standards, remediation rates, and the steps Ohioans can take to demand results from their local school district.

School choice is not just a feel-good phrase. As taxpayers, all Ohioans should be able to choose the form of education that best suits the student. Dollars should be directed towards the education of Ohio’s young people, and not towards administration. Failing schools need to be held accountable and Ohioans should have the opportunity to express their opinion of their local schools by voting with their feet. AFP-Ohio is committed to maintaining and strengthening Ohio’s academic achievement and opportunities for school choice. Keep your eyes on our site for information on an exciting school choice initiative.

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