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March 25, 2014 J,

Those who oppose economic freedom and the free market are at it again! We need you to join us this Wednesday at 6:00 PM at the Buffalo Wild Wings in the Southern Park Mall in Boardman for free appetizers to learn more. Please RSVP by calling or emailing Jim Shaw. His phone number is 330-383-1445.  [...]

AFP-Ohio Marks School Choice Week with Dick Morris

February 15, 2012 J

[img_assist|nid=26513|title=SchoolChoice1|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=300|height=225]School choice was the topic of discussion in Brecksville on January 26 as AFP-Ohio hosted a town hall discussion in conjunction with National School Choice Week. Event attendees heard a special address from national conservative commentator Dick Morris and then the floor was opened to an informative session from AFP-Ohio Policy Director and former State Representative Seth Morgan and former State School Board member and education policy specialist Colleen Grady.

The evening’s lively discussion was bolstered by audience questions that allowed panelists to delve deep into Ohio’s education dilemma—including issues of graduation standards, remediation rates, and the steps Ohioans can take to demand results from their local school district.

Addressing the Higher Education Bubble

August 29, 2011 J

The following was written by Former State Representative and AFP-Ohio Policy Director Seth Morgan. It addresses the looming higher education "bubble" and explains how the free market is adapting to find solutions.

Instability in the financial markets, declining real estate markets, and the Washington political elite are contributing to the uncertainty of our times. However, another “bubble” looms on the horizon and over the heads of Ohio families.

Our higher education system across this country is generally failing to produce the expected return on family and student investment. Prices continue to climb – in some cases out of hand – while what you get in return for your investment – job placement metrics are not acceptable. We are paying more and getting less.

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