Worth the read

June 02, 2014J,

Need convincing that the tax cuts proposed by Governor Kasich will help create jobs and move our economy forward? Look no further than a recent study released by American Freedom Builders.  In the report, author Alex Brill demonstrates that an 8.5% reduction in the personal income tax rates would increase disposable income and create incentives […]

Where does your money go?

May 29, 2014J,

Want to see how your state tax dollars are being spent? A bill in the Ohio House would allow you to do just that! HB 175 would establish the Ohio State Government Expenditure Database, a place where you and all hard-working Ohioans could view every penny the state spends. HB 175, introduced by Representative Mike […]

See you tomorrow @ 3:30

April 08, 2014J,

Will we see you tomorrow at 3:30PM? We are excited to have Americans for Prosperity President Tim Phillips visiting our Cleveland office tomorrow and hope you will join us to learn more about our plans for Ohio and provide your feedback.  You can RSVP by emailing Jesse Smith or calling 614-424-9631. Plan to join us […]

Oppose higher taxes?

April 04, 2014J,

Join us next Thursday at Arnold’s Bar and Grill as we talk about higher taxes and how we can all work together to keep out-of-control spending and higher taxes under control. You can RSVP by emailing Lauren O’Brien or calling 513-508-4417. Please plan to join us from 5PM to 8PM at Arnold’s Bar and Grill […]

Tomorrow night

March 11, 2014J,

Don’t miss your last chance to RSVP for this free VIP event! Tomorrow night we will host a Spotlight on Spending Town Hall with Ohio Auditor Dave Yost at 6:30PM at the North Canton Civic Center. Please email Jim Shaw to RSVP. Our Spotlight on Spending Town Hall will focus on where your tax dollars […]