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That’s your money they’re wasting

June 03, 2013

The federal government has a spending problem, and everybody knows it. As Ronald Reagan once quipped, “We could say they spend money like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. It would be unfair, because the sailors are spending their own money.” If only Reagan could see us now. Government overspending, waste, [...]

Thank you! Your work paid off!

April 11, 2013

Last month we alerted you that the governor was proposing to increase spending by expanding Medicaid to cover working, able-bodied adults. You went to work, and we have some good news to share! The House of Representatives yesterday announced that it has removed the Medicaid expansion from its version of the budget. This is excellent [...]

Stop Government Growth Today!

February 07, 2013

This week Governor Kasich unveiled his two-year, $130 billion budget. And there are some things you should know about! First, it is worth noting that Governor Kasich inherited quite a mess from former Governor Ted Strickland. Governor Kasich has made some great strides along with his friends in the Ohio House. These accomplishments include reinstituting [...]

Hold onto your wallet

February 02, 2013

On Monday Governor Kasich will release his budget proposal for the state. We will be closely monitoring the proposal for any unnecessary increases in taxes and spending. We have already isolated one such item in the proposed budget submitted by the Public Safety Department to Governor Kasich. Within the submission is a proposal that would [...]

Failing Agenda Tour Back in the Buckeye State!

October 05, 2012

Tomorrow in Columbus all three Obama’s Failing Agenda Buses will collide for a major rally and concert featuring rock group 3 Doors Down, Laura Ingraham, Rusty Humphries, Tony Katz, and AFP President Tim Phillips. Sign up to reserve your spot to this free event, as space is limited. Want front row seats? Click here to [...]

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