What a Waste

October 17, 2013

As you know, we have been fighting for years to curb the out-of-control and wasteful Washington spending practices that have driven us even further into debt.  For some reason too many Washington politicians are still wasting your hard-earned tax dollars on unnecessary government programs.

Here is a LIST of just SOME of the wasteful spending coming out of Washington.

If you agree it is time for Washington to get real about reducing wasteful government spending, please sign OUR PETITION urging Washington to cut the waste today!

Listed below are just a few of the wasteful programs YOU have been funding with your hard-earned tax dollars.

The list includes: $500 million for the ObamaCare website; $9.8 million on a PR campaign about ObamaCare; a $325,000 grant provided by the National Science Foundation on the invention of a robotic squirrel used for research and $41,174 for a mechanical bull.  Hardly money well spent.

We cannot allow Washington to continue their tradition of out-of-control spending which leads to even more borrowing without any additional reductions in wasteful spending.  Please sign our petition today to let Washington know it is time to cut the waste!

In addition, I encourage you to go to our Facebook page and tell us which wasteful government program you would most like to see cut.  It’s your money so tell us what you would like to cut

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