Thank you! Your work paid off!

April 11, 2013

Last month we alerted you that the governor was proposing to increase spending by expanding Medicaid to cover working, able-bodied adults. You went to work, and we have some good news to share!

The House of Representatives yesterday announced that it has removed the Medicaid expansion from its version of the budget. This is excellent news, and you deserve a big thank you! As I was quoted in the Cleveland Plain Dealer – expanding Medicaid isn’t compassionate – it would simply make a bigger, broken system. As you know, Medicaid is already busting at the seams – making it bigger by accepting money through Obamacare won’t make it better.

Thank you again for helping us win this battle – but the war is not over!

The budget will go from the House to the Senate where I’m sure the subject of Medicaid expansion will come up again. Just like before, we will be with you, standing up for liberty and fighting the temptation of our leaders to use Washington giveaways to bloat your Ohio budget.

But in the meantime, there is more good news to share about the House budget. We at AFP had laid out three goals for this budget:

– Removing Medicaid’s expansion

– Removing the proposed tax on energy extraction

– And removing the increase in revenue provided by expanding the sales tax base

Thanks to your efforts, the House of Representatives appears to have accomplished all three of these goals!

We applaud Speaker Bill Batchelder, Finance and Appropriation Committee Chairman Ron Amstutz, and the majority Republicans in the Ohio House for standing for common sense budgeting, supporting energy exploration, and limiting government growth.

We also thank you – you are the power for our efforts, and it is because of you we have had another success. You have protected liberty – and you deserve applause. But liberty, as is always the case, will need protecting tomorrow – and we will be here to help you do just that!

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