New AFP Ad Airs in Ohio: My Daughter

September 04, 2013

Columbus, OH – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest free-market grassroots organization, has released in Ohio and multiple other states the third in a series of personal testimonials that raise important questions about the negative impact ObamaCare will have on healthcare choice. The new ad features Renay, the mom of a young girl, Caleigh, whose life has been saved by four open heart surgeries performed by physicians who have looked after her since she was born. Because the new health care law restricts the freedom of patients to keep their doctors, Renay worries that she and others will not have the same access to care in the future.

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“Sadly, there are mothers like Renay all across our country and our state.  Countless Ohioans are worried about what it will mean for their families’ health care when they are no longer allowed to chose their own doctor. They wonder who will be making decisions on behalf of their families when their own choices become more limited,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “Under ObamaCare, Ohioans will see less personal medical freedom.  As implementation approaches, we will continue to call attention to all of the negative impacts of this unnecessary and already onerous law.”

Fact: ObamaCare will limit millions of Americans’ medical options, regardless of whether they currently have insurance or are enrolled in a government program.

  • Many health insurers are planning to decrease the network of health care providers available to their customers because of the law’s cost-increasing effects, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.
  • The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 7 million Americans with employee-sponsored health insurance will lose their coverage by 2022 because of ObamaCare’s high costs, leaving them with less choice of health care providers.
  • The medical journal Health Affairs states that one-third of doctors are expected to not accept new Medicaid patients in states that choose to expand the program under the law.
  • According to the Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation, 83% of doctors are considering quitting the medical practice, largely because of government interventions like ObamaCare.
  • The Wall Street Journal reports that many of the plans available on the new health care exchanges will include relatively few choices of doctors and hospitals.
  • 17% of doctors foresee closing their private practice in the next year because of financial strains on the medical industry, according to a report on CNN.

These and other facts about the negative impacts of the new health care law are documented at

“As ObamaCare enrollment approaches, evidence of how the law will negatively impact personal health care freedom and quality of care keeps piling up,” explained AFP President Tim Phillips. “Americans for Prosperity will continue to highlight facts about the law, share stories of real Americans like Renay, and ask the tough questions that the White House doesn’t want to hear.”

The first ad featured the story of Julie, whose son required a high level of medical attention that may not be available once the health care law is fully implemented. The second ad is narrated by Dr. Mary Ellen Gallagher, a physician who worries that the red tape required by Obamacare will undermine freedom to look after her patients personal needs.

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