naughty or nice?

December 09, 2013

We’re making our list and checking it twice… and we want to hear from you on the rest!

AFP-Ohio is compiling a list of elected officials who have been naughty or nice with regard to their support of economic freedom in 2013.

But we need your help!  Please email with your suggestions for the naughty and nice lists today. Be sure and include what positions or votes entitle each person to a place on our list.

This is your opportunity to recognize our elected officials who are advocating for economic freedom, liberty and small government as well as those who support bigger government and the higher taxes required to pay for it.

So don’t delay!  Please send your suggestions for our naughty and nice lists to

Thank you for all you to do in support of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulation in the Buckeye State!

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