Americans for Prosperity Welcomes New Ohio State Director Eli Miller

May 02, 2013

Americans for Prosperity – Ohio, the Buckeye State’s leading proponent of economic freedom and limited government, today welcomes new state director Eli Miller. Eli, a graduate of Case Western’s School of Business and former aide to Speaker of the House John Boehner, looks forward to working with grassroots activists across the state to advance free market, limited government policy solutions.

“I look forward to continuing to grow this organization, as I firmly believe that the road ahead is bright for all Ohioans,” explained Eli. “The midwest has become the nation’s new leader in establishing right to work laws, budget policies encouraging fiscal restraint, and tax reduction. With your help, my job is to make Ohio first among equals in these and other areas in order to restore the promise of opportunity and the vision of prosperity for everyone.”

Click here to read Eli’s bio and learn more about him.

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