Americans for Prosperity Ohio Supports Alerts to Business Taxpayers on “Over Payments”

December 03, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is announcing their support for legislation aimed at addressing a recent issue regarding business tax over payments in the state. A recent Inspector General’s report revealed that the Department of Taxation was negligent in returning $31 million in overpaid business taxes. Additionally, there was a policy in place of not telling companies who had paid too much in taxes and were due a refund from the state.

“The burden should not fall on the taxpayer to ask for a refund that is due.  It should be automatic.  Unfortunately, that has not always been the case.  Addressing this issue will require a change in policy measures as well as mindset,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “Taxpayer dollars belong to the people not the government.  When there is an over payment, that money should be returned.”

Ohio’s current Tax Commissioner Joe Testa is making changes to correct this policy and return the refunds to Ohio companies.  HB 365 sponsored by Representatives Stinziano and Duffey that will require the Tax Commissioner to notify a taxpayer that certain business taxes have been overpaid.

“We support these efforts to correct the policy measures and the mindsets that led to millions of dollars being retained by the state government rather than refunded to the businesses they were due,” continued Miller.  “We encourage the legislature to move swiftly to ensure this over payment ‘oversight’ never occurs again.”

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