Americans for Prosperity-Ohio Praises House Passed Budget that Restores Fiscal Sanity

April 19, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity – Ohio (AFP-Ohio) is applauding today the common-sense reforms made by the Republicans of the Ohio House of Representatives to Governor Kasich’s budget.

“AFP-Ohio applauds the Ohio House of Representatives for inserting much-needed sanity into this budget,” said Seth Morgan, AFP-Ohio’s Policy Director, “The House members who supported this budget deserve to be praised for their willingness to put the budgets of Ohio’s working families ahead of political agendas. While we appreciate their hard work AFP-Ohio will continue to call on the Senate and House to reject expanding Medicaid. ”
Americans for Prosperity – Ohio had consistently called on the House to do three things with regard to the budget:

  • Remove the expansion of unsustainable, uncompassionate, and debt leveraged Medicaid program;
  • Remove the unfair tax on land owners exploring for new sources of energy in Ohio – i.e. the so-called “severance” tax; and
  • Make the tax shift originally proposed by Governor Kasich at least revenue neutral instead of using it as a way to increase revenues.

“With the help of more than 92,000 members in Ohio, AFP was successful in achieving all three of our objectives,” continued Morgan.

The House included an amendment which many view as an open-door to Medicaid expansion. The budget will next move to the Senate for consideration.

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