Americans for Prosperity – Ohio Chastises Congress for Spendthrift Debt-Limit Deal

October 17, 2013
Columbus – In response to last night’s debt limit deal, AFP-OH released the following statement:
“It is no secret that Washington has a spending problem and that too many Washington politicians are poor stewards of our tax dollars,” said Eli Miller, AFP Ohio State Director. “The debt ceiling provided an opportunity to not only extend the national credit limit but to also address the federal government’s spending addiction and apply sensible and needed reductions in government spending.  AFP has said all along that government spending must be set at levels previously agreed to in the Budget Control Act.  Our activists will remain steadfast in their commitment to ensure the wasteful spending that is putting us deeper into debt is given the proper scrutiny.”
AFP activists have been engaged in a years-long fight to curb wasteful spending. In the past several days alone, tens of thousands of activists across the country have contacted their lawmakers to tell them to stop the overspending.
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