Americans for Prosperity Ohio Calls Into Question Representative Barbara Sears Support for Medicaid Expansion

October 01, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity Ohio today is calling into question State Representative Barbara Sears’ support for Medicaid Expansion in the state made possible by ObamaCare.

“We do not believe that expanding Medicaid, as made voluntary under ObamaCare, is in the best interest of the fiscal health of our state or the physical health of the people who would be placed into the program,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “We have a different position than Representative Sears on this very important issue and are undertaking educational efforts to ensure the people she represents are aware of that difference and what Medicaid expansion would mean to them.”

Representative Sears has been one of the state’s most vocal proponents of Medicaid expansion which is made possible under ObamaCare. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the federal government will spend $700 billion for states agreeing to expand their Medicaid programs under ObamaCare.  Campaign finance forms from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office show that during the last election Representative Sears received nearly $40,000 in contributions from the industry that could benefit from the implementation of ObamaCare and the expansion of Medicaid.

“During the last election, Representative Sears received nearly $40,000 in campaign contributions from members of the health care and insurance communities, many of whom could benefit from the implementation of ObamaCare and the expansion of Medicaid in Ohio under ObamaCare,” continued Miller.  “We believe these ties raise serious questions about who Barbara Sears is representing.  Is she working for the taxpayers who elected her or the health care and insurance industry fat-cats?!  Barbara Sears needs to represent her constituents – not the healthcare and insurance industries.”

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