Americans for Prosperity Ohio: Alarming Lack of Security on ObamaCare website

December 03, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans for Prosperity-Ohio is releasing the following statement in reaction to comments made by a cybersecurity expert over the lack of security built into the ObamaCare site.  The comments were made yesterday on CNBC.

“When a cybersecurity expert alleges that there doesn’t appear to have been any thought given to security on this site where people will share all kinds of personal information, we all have reason to be alarmed.  These comments are further proof that this website and this law should not have been imposed upon the American people,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity Ohio State Director.  “If the Administration is determined to make people purchase health insurance on this site, the very least they can do is ensure their security and their privacy while they are doing so. Now to learn that these lapses in security could take up to a year to fix really calls into question the readiness of this site.”

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