Americans for Prosperity-Ohio: Aetna Decision is the Latest in a Long Line of Delays, Disappointments and Disaster Surrounding ObamaCare

August 14, 2013

COLUMBUS — Americans for Prosperity- Ohio is assailing ObamaCare for increasing costs and decreasing access to care, following a recent decision by Aetna to pull out of the Ohio insurance exchange. According to an article in the Dayton Business Journal, Aetna is withdrawing from some state exchanges because the changes mandated by Obamacare will prevent them from staying competitive.

“Unfortunately this decision by Aetna should come as no real surprise to anyone following the unraveling of the President’s health care take-over which has been littered with a series of delays, disappointments and disaster,” said Eli Miller, State Director of Americans for Prosperity – Ohio. “Ohioans were promised that under ObamaCare, health insurance would become more affordable and more accessible.  How is that possible now that the rules of ObamaCare have caused Aetna to withdraw from our state exchange and the Ohio Department of Insurance announced that ObamaCare will increase individual premiums by an average of 41% ?!  The way this plan was advertised and the way it has materialized do not match up.”

The enrollment period for the health care exchanges is set to begin on October 1, 2013.  In addition, under ObamaCare states have the option to expand Medicaid.  State Rep. Barbara Sears (R-47) is set to introduce pieces of legislation aimed at expanding Medicaid in the state soon.

“Expanding Medicaid in Ohio will force approximately 275,000 Ohioans into an already broken, bloated and bureaucratic system,” continued Miller.  “This move will not serve to better our state’s fiscal health nor will it improve the physical health of those individuals pushed into Medicaid.  We cannot allow President Obama and Representative Sears to expand Medicaid in Ohio.”

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