Americans For Prosperity-OH Urges Franklin County Commissioners to Not Increase Sales Tax

January 28, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans For Prosperity-OH (AFP-OH) is urging Franklin County Commissioners to resist raising the county sales tax as part of their upcoming budget.

“Any increase in the sales tax would represent a regressive tax affecting those who can least afford to pay more the most,” said Seth Morgan, Policy Director at Americans For Prosperity-OH.  “We urge the Franklin County Commissions to resist passing county budget issues onto the taxpayers by increasing their burden.”

The Franklin County sales tax is currently 0.75 percent.  The least it can be raised is 0.25 percent, representing a minimal 25% increase in the sales tax incurred on purchases.

“Franklin County residents currently enjoy one of the lowest sales taxes in the state.  We hope as this process unfolds the commissioners will preserve this advantage for Franklin County residents and not increase the sales tax,” concluded Morgan.

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