Americans For Prosperity-OH Opposes License Plate Recall and Fee Schedule

January 31, 2013

COLUMBUS – Americans For Prosperity-OH (AFP-OH) is urging Governor Kasich to reject a budget proposal that would recall millions of Ohio license plates forcing motorists to incur a fee for a new plate.  The proposal would also require Ohio drivers to pay a $10 fee to replace their license plates every seven years.

“Governor Kasich needs to put the brakes on this proposal that would cost Ohio motorists millions of dollars in unnecessary fees,” said Seth Morgan, Policy Director at Americans For Prosperity-OH.  “As Ohio families continue to struggle economically, the last thing they need is another fee imposed upon them from the government.”

The proposed recall and new fee schedule is part of the Public Safety Department’s budget request that was submitted to Governor Kasich.

“Taking more money from Ohio families should not be an option in Governor Kasich’s budget,” concluded Morgan.  “We oppose this proposal and ask Governor Kasich to not include these measures in his upcoming state budget.”

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