AFP Ohio Urges Legislature to Pass Comprehensive Tax Reform

June 21, 2013

Columbus, OH – Americans for Prosperity -Ohio, the Buckeye state’s leading proponent of limited government and lower taxes, today re-affirmed its support for broad tax reform. AFP-OH urges the Legislature and Governor Kasich to pass a plan to increase Ohio’s economic competitiveness.

“We applaud the Legislature and Governor Kasich for their continued negotiations to improve Ohio’s tax climate,” said Eli Miller, Americans for Prosperity-Ohio State Director. “We are encouraged by the details swirling around Columbus to help Ohio’s hardworking families. Cutting taxes by $2.6 billion is a good down payment on tax reform.”

The plan as reported by the Columbus Dispatch and Cleveland Plain Dealer would cut personal income taxes by 10% over three years and allow small businesses to deduct up to 50% of their income below $250,000. The plan would also expand the commercial activities tax in Ohio.

“However, AFP-OH is concerned about provisions to subject more businesses in the state to the commercial activities tax. This misguided gross receipts tax should be eliminated, not expanded. This style of taxation punishes businesses for growing and creates layers and layers of unseen taxation for consumers,” continued Miller. 

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