July 31, 2013

Columbus, OH – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for economic freedom, announced the launch of the 2nd ad in an effort that highlights the negative consequences of President Obama’s healthcare law. The ad, which plays in OH and other key states around the country, is part of a larger educational effort intended to reach those who stand to suffer the most under ObamaCare, and educate them on how the law could negatively impact their healthcare.

The new TV ad, called “Doctor Questions,” features the story of Dr. Gallagher, who has questions about how ObamaCare is going to impact her patients and medical practice. She identifies as one of the 65% of doctors who believe more government intervention is detrimental to healthcare. Doctors throughout the country will also be faced with massive new government mandates, rules, and red tape that will mean 190 million hours per year in new paperwork, reducing the amount of time that doctors have to see and take care of their patients.  The threat of new requirements and rising costs has led to an increasing number of private physicians who may have to close their doors.

“Ohio is in the throes of a major legislative fight to stop Medicaid expansion because doctors and patients know that more bureaucracy means less choice and worse health care for Ohioans,” explained AFP State Director Eli Miller. “Implementing Obamacare will only double down on the failures of Medicaid and make it more difficult for doctors like Dr. Gallagher to provide quality care to their patients. This ad is just our latest effort to ask for some honesty about the true consequences of government intrusion into the private healthcare decisions of doctors and patients, and to provide a counter to the disinformation that’s out there.”


Viewers of the new ad are directed to visit, where an online calculator will assess each individual’s risk of suffering painful effects of the new law, and enable them to share their own risk factors.

AFP state chapters will engage activists around the country to further educate and provide information on the negative consequences of ObamaCare.


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