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John Dudley

John Dudley

January 22, 2014

Dudley Johncor John DudleyMr. Dudley brings a wealth of leadership experience in the areas of public policy, regulatory and governmental affairs functions as well as direct experience in fundraising and grassroots development.

John began his career in the telecommunications industry
with Verizon Communications (then GTE) in his hometown
of Connersville, Indiana where he worked as a temporary summer intern in the engineering department during
his summer breaks from college. Soon after his graduation from college, he accepted a full-time engineering position
with Verizon in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

John accepted additional assignments at Verizon in multiple states, including key roles in Product Management, Economic Analysis, Industry Affairs, Affiliated Interests/Regulatory Compliance, Public Policy and Regulatory and Governmental Affairs.

Mr. Dudley’s experience in Public Policy and Regulatory and Governmental Affairs began in earnest in Harrisburg, PA in 1992 when he was appointed as Verizon’s Director of Regulatory and Governmental Affairs for the state of Pennsylvania (subsequently named as Assistant Vice President in the same role). While in that capacity, Mr. Dudley served as a Director of the Pennsylvania Telephone Association’s Board of Directors and from 1993-1995 served as Chairman of that Board. Mr. Dudley also held key positions with the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & Industry’s Telecommunications Task Force and was active with the Pennsylvania Business Roundtable.

When the merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic was announced in 1998, John was appointed to lead the Merger Integration Team, a project that lasted 18 months and led to the creation of Verizon Communications, then the largest merger in telecom history. In that role, John was responsible for obtaining state regulatory approvals of the merger in approximately 40 states.

After the creation of Verizon in 2000, John accepted the assignment of President of Verizon’s Great Lakes Region based in Indianapolis where he led Verizon’s Regulatory and Governmental Affairs functions for the states of Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

During his career with Verizon Communications, John received three President’s Leadership Awards as an officer and member of Verizon’s Senior Management Team.

After leaving Verizon at the beginning of 2004, Mr. Dudley served as Chief Development Officer for the Greater Carolinas American Red Cross in Charlotte, NC, the largest chapter in the state. There he was primarily focused on providing strategic and tactical direction of the organization’s fundraising efforts.

Mr. Dudley subsequently worked as Sr. Director – Public Policy and External Affairs for PalmettoNet, a mid-sized telecommunications company serving the Carolinas, until 2010 when he started his own regulatory and government affairs consulting business.

John has a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana University as well as an MBA degree, also from Indiana University. He and his wife Kim reside in the south Charlotte area.

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