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Discount Extended to Sunday for Bus Trip to DC for Dream Summit

August 10, 2011 J

Please join Americans for Prosperity Foundation and thousands of grassroots activists for the 5th annual Defending the American Dream Summit on Friday and Saturday, November 4-5 at the Washington Convention Center in downtown Washington, DC.

Did you know that if you register by Sunday at 6 p.m. using special discount code Bus70, you can receive $70 off the North Carolina bus package to AFP Foundation’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Washington, DC November 4-5?

We did it together! AFP members advance free market economic legislation in

August 01, 2011 J

It has been an exciting week at the General Assembly. In fact, the entire long session so far has been action-packed. Grassroots activism--in the form of voter education, emails and phone calls to legislators, rallies at the legislature and visiting elected officials—eventually results in good new policy for North Carolinians! (See the list below.)

Activists have come in carpools to Raleigh from as far away as New Bern, Wilmington and Asheville to rally in front of the state legislature in support of overrides of Governor Bev Perdue's job killing vetoes. AFP members from across the state have visited their elected officials, made their presence known in the gallery, emailed, called and wrote letters.

Before the legislature returned on July 13, Americans for Prosperity held a Veto Bev Perdue rally to encourage lawmakers to override Bev Perdue's vetoes of key job creating bills such as Medical Malpractice reform, the Energy Jobs Act, regulatory reform and others.

A bright new day is coming to North Carolina!

July 25, 2011 J

The new unemployment numbers have been released, and the news is not good. North Carolina is near a double digit unemployment rate at 9.9%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has proven with these new numbers just how essential an override of the governor’s vetoes is.

These bills already passed once in the house with bipartisan support, and they can be passed again! Our State Representatives need to know you support these bills as an immediate remedy to the staggeringly high unemployment rates.

Come to the rally on July 26th and let Raleigh know they need to override the governor’s vetoes to improve our unemployment rate!

Who: Concerned Citizens and Taxpayers – that means you!

What: A Rally to Support Veto Overrides of Key Free Market Job Creation Bills

Where: In front of the General Assembly at 16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC

Rally for Jobs Bills Tuesday, July 26 at 12:30 PM

July 21, 2011 J

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We urge you to attend ...

Rally: A Bright New Day for
North Carolina Jobs

Support Veto Overrides of Key Job-Creation Bills

Tuesday July 26th
12:30 PM
In front of the General Assembly at
16 W. Jones Street, Raleigh, NC


12:30 Rally
1:15 Visit Lawmakers' offices
2:00 Session in the State House for possible veto override votes


Wear your brightest colored shirt to represent a bright new day for NC!