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Americans for Prosperity to Governor Perdue: No Sales Tax Hike State Legislature has Already Rejected Tax Increases

January 18, 2012 J

Raleigh, NC – Governor Beverly Perdue’s sales tax hike is a non-starter, according to Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina.

“The voters rejected tax increases in 2010 and the legislature rejected tax increases in 2011,” explains Dallas Woodhouse, Director of AFP-NC. “Does Governor Perdue really think this is the best way to start the 2012 legislative session?”

Governor Perdue made the same proposal last year but the state legislature voted it down.

“We don’t need tax increases. We need responsible government.” Woodhouse continues. “The North Carolina legislature has moved the state budget in the right direction. Raising taxes – especially taxes that fall hardest on the poor – would be a major step backwards.”

Americans for Prosperity to President Obama: American Workers are Not Your Political Pawns

January 18, 2012 J

Americans for Prosperity to President Obama: American Workers are Not Your Political Pawns
New Ad Highlights the Costs of Cronyism

Raleigh, NC – The White House gambled with $500,000 taxpayer dollars and 1,100 workers lost their jobs. That’s the message from Americans for Prosperity’s new ad, airing in six states including North Carolina, about the White House’s payoff to political allies at the now-bankrupt Solyndra company.

“The White House is reaping what it has sown,” explains Dallas Woodhouse, Director of Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina. “Political cronyism and bad economic policy have put over 1,000 Americans out of work and wasted half a billion in taxpayer dollars.”

Click here to view the ad.

State Senate Leaders Stand Up for Annexation Reforms

December 22, 2011 J

State Senate Leaders Take Strong Stand for Annexation Reforms Senate Tells Cities: Back Down or Else Raleigh, NC – North Carolina State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger is defending the recent grassroots victory over forced municipal annexation. Senator Berger has informed the mayors of several cities and the North Carolina League of Municipalities that should the cities continue to fight this new law in court, the General Assembly – which holds the sole Constitutional Authority over municipal boundaries – will simply create permanent municipal lines to stop these cities from imposing forced annexation.

AFP-NC Praises Rep. Renee Ellmers and McIntyre for Supporting REINS Act

December 08, 2011 J

Raleigh, NC – Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today praises Representative Renee Ellmers (R-NC-2) for joining 240 colleagues and passing the REINS Act:

“Rep. Ellmers has taken an important stand against regulatory abuse executive overreach. By passing the REINS Act, Ellmers and her colleagues are restoring constitutional balance and accountability to the federal regulatory policy,” said Phil Kerpen, Vice-President for Policy at Americans for Prosperity. “Hopefully North Carolina’s senators will follow suit and pass this bill when the U.S. Senate considers it.”

The House voted 241-184 last night to pass H.R. 10, the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act (REINS) Act. Republicans unanimously supported the bill, which requires Congress to vote on economically significant regulations before they can take effect.

Defending the American Dream Bus Departure Information

October 27, 2011 J

Dear Friends,

Below you will find the departure times and places for the Defending the American Dream Summit. The buses heading to Washington, DC will leave promptly at the departure times below on Friday morning, November 4. Don’t be late because the buses cannot wait for you—they are on a tight schedule. You will arrive back at these locations late Saturday night, November 5 (and in some cases the early morning hours of November 6). In the next few days, you will receive an email with more details about the trip. For more information, see www.defendingthedream.com or call 919.839.1011.

***Please note that Wilmington and some other locations are NOT the same as in the past.

Bus Departure Locations and Times of Departure
Defending the American Dream Summit 2011