Lower My Power Bill

April 02, 2013

In 2007, Governor Mike Easley and then-Lieutenant Governor Bev Perdue imposed a mandate on utility companies that raised your family’s energy bills and will continue to raise it every single year!

Our General Assembly has a chance to right this wrong and lower your power bill by voting YES on House Bill 298 which gets rid of this costly mandate. This Easley-Perdue mandate is essentially an Obama-style, green energy tax attached to one of your household bills! Contact your State Representative today and tell him/her to vote for lower household energy bills by voting Yes on House Bill 298.

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The mandate states that by 2021, the state’s investor-owned utilities must provide 12.5% of their energy from “green” renewable sources. This bill, Senate Bill 3, created what is known as a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for the state of North Carolina. The Easley-signed bill pushes the usage of renewable sources such as solar, wind, and biomass that are incredibly expensive to produce. And guess who picks up the tab? The taxpayer, of course. According to the N.C. Utilities Commission, this has already amounted to a $310 million cost increase (i.e., tax hike) on North Carolinians.

Do you remember when President Obama gave your hard-earned tax dollars to green energy company Solyndra—just to promote the Al Gore green agenda? And then it went bankrupt?

Now in North Carolina, our legislators have a chance to kill a similar government-supported tax that only exists so that the green agenda can be promoted. Government intervention was a bad deal with Solyndra, and it is a bad deal for North Carolina.
If House Bill 298 fails, energy consumers in North Carolina can bet on increases for utility prices and taxes, the expected result of government intervention. Other states that have this mandate pay, on average, 39% higher energy bills.

The State House will be voting SOON on House Bill 298.


House Bill 298 would stop the RPS mandate in its tracks. This bill would cap the current standard at its current level of 3% – instead of 12.5%.

Your elected official needs to hear from you today. Tell him/her to lower your power bills. Tell him/her to stop hiking taxes—including an Obama-style, green energy tax.

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