An Open Letter from Dallas Woodhouse and Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina

July 12, 2013

To: Governor Pat McCrory
Lt. Governor Dan Forest
Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger
Speaker Thom Tillis
Members of the General Assembly

An Open Letter from Dallas Woodhouse and Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina

As this historic 2013 session of the North Carolina General Assembly comes to a close, I would like to thank you for the significant  improvements already made to North Carolina’s government that helps protect taxpayers and improve our economy. Theimportant steps you have already made in reforming Medicaid, unemployment insurance and transportation will result in long term benefits  to the citizens of North Carolina through better stewardship of taxpayer resources.

Almost three months ago, we, at Americans for Prosperity, launched a project called “Back in the Game NC.” The project was a $500,000 promise to help you promote and pass bold legislation that would provide tax relief and reform to North Carolina’s taxpayers. We, of course, continue to support the boldest and most aggressive tax relief and reform possible. We have traveled hundreds of miles, mailed thousands of homes and communicated with countless citizens and businesses with the sole intent of educating people on the need for bold tax relief and reform. There is no doubt that the people of North Carolina are counting on you to deliver tax relief and reform.

According to the non-partisan Tax Foundation, North Carolina’s Business Tax Climate is the 7th worst in the nation. At the same time, the statewide  unemployment rate is hovering at 5th worst in the nation at 8.8 percent.

Currently, the greatest economic threat to North Carolina is our high unemployment rate and the antiquated tax code that impairs job creators. We firmly believe that reductions of the personal and corporate income taxes as well as the elimination of the death tax will help create desperately needed new jobs.

We continue to believe that tax relief and reform will spur economic growth and will reassure the public that tax reform is not just an excuse to raise taxes, as it has been historically. We must begin to tax less, tax fair and tax simple.

This state can only move forward with your leadership.

Please know that we, at Americans for Prosperity, are here for the long haul. Therefore as we wrap up the first phase of our efforts  to pass tax relief and reform, we pledge significant  additional  resources to help explain and educate job creators, entrepreneurs and the general public about the newly passed tax reform law. We will also advertise to out-of-state businesses letting them know that North Carolina is “back in the game” of job creation with a reformed tax code that taxes less, taxes fair and taxes simple.

But first, North Carolina needs you to act by passing tax relief and reform legislation  into law.

Please know if and when you boldly make history that will create jobs and prosperity for North Carolina, Americans for Prosperity is here to help tell that story.

Dallas Woodhouse
North Carolina State Director Americans for Prosperity

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