Americans for Prosperity Prepares for “Back in the Game” Round 2

July 12, 2013

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Americans for Prosperity Prepares for “Back in the Game” Round 2

As tax relief and reform negotiations enter final stretch, Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina encourages legislators, Governor McCrory to agree to largest tax relief and reform package possible.

Group pledges new round of support for bold tax policy

RALEIGH, NC – As legislative leaders and Gov. Pat McCrory enter what is expected to be a final weekend of negations on tax relief and reform,  Americans for Prosperity today announced a second phase to advertise and promote North Carolina’s new tax code that taxes less, taxes fair and taxes simple once passed and signed into law.

“We want our leaders to know that if they continue to work towards bold tax relief and reform that will help create jobs, spur investment and make North Carolina more competitive, we will stand with them and help tell that story to job creators in and outside of the state,” said Dallas  Woodhouse State Director Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina. “We encourage our leaders to be as bold as possible.”

The effort will include a unique marketing effort that will target national and international business location professionals advertising North Carolina’s new system of taxation that taxes less, taxes fair, taxes simple and repeals the state’s “death tax.”

Woodhouse continued, “Our current personal and corporate income taxes create real ‘sticker shock’ for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to locate in North Carolina. We want to advertise and educate them that, with a new tax code, North Carolina is once again a place to grow and develop business and industry.

The effort could be similar to the size and scope of the original $500,000 effort announced in April, at a press conference in front of the General Assembly, which is now concluding.

“I want to see North Carolina, not only back in the game for jobs, but winning the game. Should North Carolina adopt bold, aggressive tax relief and reform, we are going to help tell that story to the world,” said Woodhouse.

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