Americans For Prosperity Launches New Efforts Against ObamaCare With “Exempt Me Too”

September 11, 2013

Arlington, VA – Today Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s foremost free-market, grassroots advocate, announced the unveiling of a new website and petition called Exempt Me Too. The site highlights how many of the administration’s political allies and other special interests have received exemptions from ObamaCare, while pointing out a number of other groups that have sought their own exemption from ObamaCare.

Click here to view the website, JustExempt.Me.

“Ever since ObamaCare’s inception, people have been fighting against this job killing, bureaucratic nightmare, while a special few sought and won exemptions,” said AFP President Tim Phillips. “With Congress’s recent action to exempt themselves, it’s time to ask the question: if ObamaCare isn’t good enough for Congress, then why force it upon the American people?  This website allows ordinary Americans to tell Congress that they want to be exempt as well.”

This launch is the latest in AFP’s Exempt Me Too campaign, which focuses on Washington special interests groups and political cronies who have received exemptions from the new healthcare law. Efforts will focus on events and online petition gathering throughout the country.

A separate AFP effort – themed Risk Factors – invites individuals to utilize an online calculator to gauge their risk of suffering harm under ObamaCare. That effort has featured a number of TV ads, that discuss how ObamaCare will affect your children, your family, and your choice of doctor.

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