AFP: Welcome to NC, Mr. President, But Let us Handle Our Economy

February 13, 2013

Raleigh, NC – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina welcomed the President to NC for his Asheville visit today as the grassroots chapter launched its Spending Accountability Project. AFP told him the state would go its own way on economic recovery, though he is welcome to follow NC’s new low-tax, fiscally-responsible, regulation-cutting example.

“President Obama is coming to Asheville to talk about jobs and the economy, an area where our Governor and state legislators have taken a different, more successful approach,” explained Dallas Woodhouse, State Director of AFP-NC. “It is rather ironic that today, as AFP continues it’s “Spending Accountability Project” to try to get President Obama and Congress to cut spending, he is coming here to sell a different message. We’d recommend that he spend some time observing how we are handling the state economy – he might learn something.

“Unlike the President and the federal government, North Carolina’s elected leaders are taking spending cuts seriously,” Woodhouse continued. “Our state is getting its budget in order and returning the excess to the taxpayer. We are also embracing the jobs that come from our natural resources and look forward to welcoming energy entrepreneurs to our state to drill for oil and natural gas.

President Obama is welcome to steal these ideas and use them when he returns to Washington.”

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