AFP Praises Tax Relief and Reform Compromise, Urges Lawmakers to Support

July 15, 2013

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Americans for Prosperity Praises Tax Relief and Reform Compromise, Urges Lawmakers to Support  

Fiscal watchdog group stands committed to help promote new tax code

RALEIGH, NC – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina today applauded Governor Pat McCrory and the leaders of the State House and Senate on coming to an agreement for bold tax relief and reform legislation.

“This Tax Simplification and Reduction Act would provide hundreds of millions of dollars in tax relief to North Carolinians over five years and dramatically improve North Carolina’s tax competitiveness in our region of the country,” said Dallas Woodhouse, State Director of AFP-North Carolina.

Early estimates indicate that passage of the compromised tax package would cause North Carolina to leapfrog more than twenty states in tax competitiveness rankings.

Woodhouse continued, “Not only does this deal significantly lower the personal and corporate income tax rates, but also it allows several tax loopholes to expire. Lowering tax rates while broadening the taxable base will provide relief to the North Carolina taxpayers. This plan is real tax reform and good stewardship of the people’s money.  Our goal all along has been to see bold legislation that would have North Carolina tax less, tax fair and tax simple. There is no question that this package accomplishes our goal and gets North Carolina ‘back in the game’ for jobs and business.”

While many others have tried and failed, our leaders have followed through on their promises. They have delivered true tax relief and reform.

Last week, Americans for Prosperity announced a second phase of its “Back in the Game NC” project, in order to advertise and promote North Carolina’s new tax code that taxes less, taxes fair and taxes simple once passed and signed into law. Launched in April, “Back in the Game NC” was a $500,000 campaign to urge the passage of “bold tax reform” in North Carolina. Since then, the group has held town hall-style meetings across the state, and released radio and television ads touting conservative reforms at the General Assembly.

The website for AFP-North Carolina’s tax relief and reform project can be seen at

For further information or an interview, please contact Dallas Woodhouse at or (919)671-1050.

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