AFP-North Carolina Applauds State Senate, State House on Tax Relief and Reform

June 17, 2013

Urges House to concur with Senate tax plan

RALEIGH, NC – Americans for Prosperity congratulates both chambers of the General Assembly for passing meaningful tax relief and reform. The State Senate’s new proposed tax plan will receive a vote on its third reading tomorrow, with likely passage.  Afterward, the bill – House Bill 998 – will return to the House for concurrence.

“The Senate has taken a strong bill from the House and made it stronger.  North Carolina’s current tax code ranks 44th on the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index – 7th worst in the nation. That’s just not good enough to be competitive in these economic times,” said Dallas Woodhouse, AFP’s North Carolina State Director. “The new Senate tax plan would move North Carolina from 44th to 6th best in the nation – that’s an unprecedented rise in competitiveness.”

Woodhouse continued, “The quickest way to achieve the strongest possible tax relief and reform is for the House to concur to the Senate changes to House Bill 998.  We encourage the House to take this bold step to pass significant tax relief and reform that will get North Carolina back in the game for jobs and business.”

The proposed Senate tax package – an amended version of House Bill 998 – would result in the largest tax cut in state history.  Among other things, the Senate plan lowers all personal income tax tiers to a flat tax of 5.4 percent in 2015. It also eliminates the corporate income, franchise and estate taxes.

Earlier in the legislative session, Americans for Prosperity announced a $500,000 campaign to urge the passage of “bold tax reform” in North Carolina.  Since then, the group has held grassroots town hall-style meetings across the state, released a television ad touting conservative reforms at the General Assembly, and created the website to educate conservative activists about the tax reform debate on Jones Street.

For questions or interview requests, please contact Dallas Woodhouse, at or call 919-671-1050.

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