AFP-NC Issues Statement on Senate Tax Reform Plan

May 08, 2013

Raleigh, NC – Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina commends Senator Rucho and the North Carolina Senate leadership for presenting a comprehensive tax reform plan.

“At first glance this tax relief and reform package appears to meet AFP’s goals of taxing less, taxing fair and taxing simple. We are encouraged by the scope of the income tax cuts, reduction in spending, reform of the franchise tax, cut in the sales tax rate, and a consumption-based taxing system that treats everyone fairly and makes sure everyone pays something but no more than their fair share. We will begin studying the legislation and surveying our members immediately.” said Dallas Woodhouse, State Director of Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina.

Recently AFP-NC announced a $500,000 citizen-led, grassroots effort to reform North Carolina’s tax code. Citing the need to cut taxes, spur economic development, and reform North Carolina’s depression-era tax code, AFP-NC announced a massive grassroots issue effort that urged lawmakers to be bold and get North Carolina “Back in the Game” when it comes to tax relief and reform.

In adopting a new tax code, Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina believes lawmakers should model the following principles:

• An initial large tax cut that spurs economic growth and reassures the public that tax reform is not just a ruse to raise taxes
• A reduction/elimination of personal and corporate income taxes
• Elimination of the death and local privilege taxes
• Simplification and reform of the Franchise Tax
• Elimination of welfare payments in the tax code (EITC)
• A broad-based sales tax that treats all sales equally

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