State Senate Leaders Stand Up for Annexation Reforms

December 22, 2011
State Senate Leaders Take Strong Stand for Annexation Reforms Senate Tells Cities: Back Down or Else Raleigh, NC – North Carolina State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger is defending the recent grassroots victory over forced municipal annexation. Senator Berger has informed the mayors of several cities and the North Carolina League of Municipalities that should the cities continue to fight this new law in court, the General Assembly – which holds the sole Constitutional Authority over municipal boundaries – will simply create permanent municipal lines to stop these cities from imposing forced annexation.

“Senator Phil Berger and the North Carolina Senate have taken a principled stand that they will not allow stubborn mayors and city officials to ignore our recently-enacted victory over forced municipal annexation,” explained Dallas Woodhouse, Director of Americans for Prosperity – North Carolina. “The annexation reform coalition, which Americans for Prosperity was proud to be a part of, worked on this issue for years and should not have to tolerate city officials refusing to abide by a law that is under sole discretion of the North Carolina General Assembly.

“After years of abusing taxpayers, the Cities that make up the North Carolina League of Municipalities lost this fight in the court of public opinion and the General Assembly. They should not be able to use taxpayer money to receive a third or fourth bite at the apple. We applaud the leadership of the North Carolina Senate in the strongest possible terms.” Click here to read Phil Berger’s letter.

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