Breaking News: Taxes to Expire after Veto Override

June 15, 2011

Early this morning, a super majority of the North Carolina House kept a promise to taxpayers that a billion dollars in temporary taxes would expire at the end of this month. With all the cynicism in politics, it is refreshing to see politicians that signed AFP pledges against raising taxes keep that promise.

Voters should have renewed confidence in trusting some elected officials to keep their word. This afternoon the State Senate gave final approval to the North Carolina State Budget by overriding Governor Perdue’s Budget Veto. We applaud this historic first-ever veto override vote.
It has kept a promise to taxpayers, a promise that all too often has been broken.

J[img_assist|nid=23983|title=NC Override|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=300|height=225]oin me in celebrating the defeat of Governor Perdue and other liberals who attempted to raise another billion dollars in taxes. As a member of Americans for Prosperity, you should be proud of the hard work to finally have a budget that funds core services, but that does not, for the first time in a decade, raise taxes.

We applaud the legislative leadership on passing this historic budget in record time despite the obstruction coming from the Governor’s mansion.

Dallas Woodhouse
North Carolina State Director
Americans for Prosperity

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