Take Action to Help Create Jobs in North Carolina

June 01, 2011

This week the General Assembly will be debating two important bills that if passed will help create jobs in North Carolina.

First, the North Carolina General Assembly will be debating an important bill that will create jobs by expanding credit options for North Carolina businesses and families.

Large banks and groups such as the A.A.R.P, N.A.A.C.P, and the AFL-CIO oppose this common-sense legislation so they can limit consumer options to their OWN high interest fee, high late fee, and credit cards.

Americans for Prosperity fully supports House Bill 810 and SB 761.
This legislation would:

• Allow small hometown consumer installment lenders to set loan rates in accordance with consumer demand.
• Protect North Carolinians from unsafe borrowing and undisciplined debt.

• Safeguard old-fashioned, one-on-one consumer loans in local neighborhoods–with face to face loan applications and credit review, credit reporting and credit building.

In showing your support for this bill, you can help to fight crony capitalism. Why should big banks stop other lending options so they can charge consumers $50 dollars on a $25 dollar bounced check?
Why should the A.A.R.P be able support their credit card business by stopping hometown lenders from loaning money to people? Money from small dollar loans in North Carolina is spent in North Carolina, making this legislation crucial to our local prosperity. We need true consumer choice and competition in lending, and that can only be achieved if voters let their representatives hear their support.

Click here to contact your lawmakers and ask them to support House Bill 810 and SB 761.

Secondly, the North Carolina General Assembly will be debating an important bill (HB 542) that will help create jobs in North Carolina by reforming our legal system.

A state’s legal climate can be a major inducement or a major deterrent to business investment, growth, and job creation and House Bill 542 makes important, balanced changes to NC’s civil liability system to induce business investment in NC by providing fairness and predictability.

House Bill 542:
• Requires that juries be given accurate information about the medical bills actually paid by a plaintiff or their insurer for medical care received rather than inflated bills.
• Establishes requirements for expert witness testimony that will make NC consistent with the requirements in federal courts and the majority of other states. This will make our courts more efficient and fair and help deter frivolous lawsuits.
• Provides protection from liability for manufacturers and sellers of a pharmaceutical product if it meets the rigorous approval of the U.S. FDA, unless that approval was obtained by bribery or by withholding or misrepresenting information. This provides certainty and predictability to an important part of NC’s economy and will encourage future investment and job creation.
• Codifies NC common law to make clear that land owners are not liable for harm to trespassers on their property except in limited situations.

I hope you will click here to contact your NC House members and ask them to support House Bill 542 to create jobs.

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