N.C. Real Solutions Coming To a Town Near You

April 05, 2012

Raleigh, NC – In an effort to continue educating North Carolina citizens about the real solutions being delivered by the new state budget, two of North Carolina’s most recognized supporters of limited government and individual liberty will hit the road on a “Real Solutions Road Tour.”

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation and John William Pope Civitas Institute “Real Solutions Road Tour,” will crisscross North Carolina in an effort to highlight the N.C. Real Solutions website and television advertisement that continues to air across North Carolina.

“We are ecstatic at the preliminary results of our educational effort which explains the real solutions offered by the bi-partisan North Carolina state budget that closed the $3 billion deficit, balanced the budget, added state-funded teachers and lowered taxes,” said Americans for Prosperity Foundation State Director Dallas Woodhouse. “While our radio and television efforts continue to educate millions of North Carolina citizens about the budget, we want to take this message to the large cities and small towns across North Carolina that need to know the truth about their state budget.”

The tour will include a large mobile billboard that promotes the N.C. Real Solutions website and other facts about the state budget.

Traveling with the tour will be Raleigh resident, North Carolina State University graduate and Americans for Prosperity Foundation activist Donna King who is featured in the television spot.

“As a North Carolina native and a mother of three with children in our public schools, I was concerned when, during a shaky economy, Gov. Perdue proposed nearly a billion dollars in new taxes. With sky high gas prices, hard-working families like ours just did not need a tax increase. Instead the new legislature passed a bi-partisan budget that cut waste and added state funding for 2,000 more teachers. By allowing the Perdue sales and income tax hikes to expire, North Carolinians will pay two billion dollars less in taxes this year than last.”

The N.C. Real Solutions Road Tour will be on the road April 10th, 11th, and 12th stopping in:

April 10: Burlington – 9am – S. Main St. and W. Front St. – http://mapq.st/HfSqYU

April 10: Greensboro – 10:30am – Battleground Dr., E. Market St., N. Elm St. – http://mapq.st/HaMbIO

April 10: Winston-Salem – 1pm – N. Marshall St., N. Main St., Stratford Ave. – http://mapq.st/H4S8CL

April 10: High Point – 2:30pm – Church Ave., E. Green Dr. – http://mapq.st/HaNxTI

April 10: Lexington – 4pm – E. First Ave., W. Center St. – http://mapq.st/HgJVsF

April 11: Salisbury – 9am – W. Innes St., N. Main St., N. Fulton S. – http://mapq.st/Hg5sX1

April 11: Concord – 10:30am – N. Church St., S. Union St. – http://mapq.st/HHdoiJ

April 11: Charlotte – 1pm – N. Tryon St., Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. – http://mapq.st/HhVOmO

April 11: Monroe – 4pm – W. Jefferson St., Main St., Franklin St. – http://mapq.st/HO3skL

April 12: Wadesboro – 9am – E. Martin St., N. Washington St., Greene St. – http://mapq.st/HbsIlt

April 12: Rockingham – 10:00am – E. Washington St., W. Franklin St., Rockingham Rd. – http://mapq.st/HH9zMJ

April 12: Southern Pines – 11:30am – W. Pennsylvania Ave., Broad St., Connecticut Ave. – http://mapq.st/HdyFk8

April 12: Sanford – 1:30pm – St. Clair Ct., S. Horner Blvd., Steele St., Gulf St. – http://mapq.st/HkRa3j

April 12: Dunn – 3:30pm – W. Broad St., Cumberland St., Granville St. – http://mapq.st/Hdj2Zg

Future dates, times and locations will be announced soon.

The N.C. Real Solutions project was launched March 15, 2012 by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the John William Pope Civitas Institute. The effort includes a 30-second television commercial that touts the N.C. Real Solutions website at www.ncrealsolutions.com.

The NC Real Solutions television and radio ad has been found factually accurate by the News and Observer and NBC-17.

Last year and again recently Governor Perdue pushed for a billion dollar increase in the state sales tax.
Instead the General Assembly passed a bi-partisan budget that:

• Added more than 4,600 state-funded education positions, including 2,000 state-funded teacher positions.
• Closed a $3.1 billion budget gap – without raising taxes.
• Cancelled close to a quarter billion dollars in previously approved but not yet issued state debt.
• Returned more than $2 billion in taxes to North Carolina families.
• Included nearly half a billion dollars in tax relief for small businesses.

Sources for each of these facts is available at http://ncrealsolutions.com/fact-check-our-ad

N.C. Real Solutions is a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation with assistance from the John William Pope Civitas Institute.

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