The Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the John William Pope Civitas Institute Launch NC Real Solutions

March 15, 2012

Two of North Carolina’s most recognized supporters of limited government and individual liberty have teamed up to produce and distribute a multimedia educational effort entitled NC Real Solutions. The campaign explains the success of North Carolina’s recently passed state budget that offered North Carolina real solutions by eliminating the $3 billion deficit, balancing the budget, adding state-funded teachers and lowering taxes.

The Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the John William Pope Civitas Institute launched NC Real Solutions. The effort includes a 30 second television commercial that touts the NC Real Solutions website at

“NC Real Solutions is an effort to move beyond the overblown rhetoric and educate the public about the state budget. The reality is the budget passed by the new General Assembly closed the $3 billion budget deficit and balanced the budget. Additional resources for education enabled local schools to add 2,000 state-funded teaching positions. The budget, passed by both the state House and Senate, did all this while providing lower taxes to all North Carolina families and businesses. The Left has attempted to win the debate over the future direction of the state by yelling the loudest and the longest,” said AFP Foundation- North Carolina State Director Dallas Woodhouse. “The NC Real Solutions project cuts through the noise to present the facts to the people of North Carolina who deserve to know the truth.”

“Since day one the Civitas Institute has been committed to providing the facts to North Carolina taxpayers,” said Civitas President Francis Deluca. “The facts are that every week there are more examples of how the state budget enacted by the new General Assembly is offering North Carolina real solutions. Putting two billion dollars back in the hands of hardworking taxpayers and the real economy by cutting sales and income taxes, while at the same time balancing the budget by spending tax dollars more efficiently are prime examples. NC Real Solutions will make sure those facts get delivered over the air and online.”

Last year and again recently Governor Perdue pushed for a billion dollar increase in the state sales tax.

Instead the General Assembly passed a bi-partisan budget that:

– Added more than 4,600 state-funded education positions, including 2,000 state-funded teacher positions.
– Closed a $3.1 billion budget gap – without raising taxes.
– Cancelled close to a quarter billion in previously approved but not yet issued state debt.
– Returned more than $2 billion in taxes to North Carolina families.
– Included nearly half a billion dollars in tax relief for small businesses.
– Featured in the television ad is Americans for Prosperity Foundation member Donna King, a graduate of North Carolina State University. She is a mother of three.

NC Real Solutions is a project of Americans for Prosperity Foundation with assistance from the John William Pope Civitas Institute.

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