Obama’s Failing Agenda Has Led to $16 Trillion Debt

September 04, 2012

AFP Calls $16 Trillion National Debt a Legitimate National Crisis

Arlington, VA- Americans for Prosperity (AFP) today added their voice to the growing number of individuals and groups throughout America who recognize that the rising National Debt, which today topped $16 trillion, is a government-created national crisis. President Obama’s big-government agenda shares much of the blame for not addressing this crisis has begun to cripple economic freedom and severely limit any economic growth.

“Today the national debt passed $16 trillion,” said Tim Phillips, President of AFP. “For most Americans, that’s irresponsible and crazy. For President Obama, that’s business as usual. And that’s why we’re taking our buses throughout the country, talking to people about Obama’s Failing Agenda and how it has led to our staggering debt and prolonged recession.”

In August, AFP launched a Nationwide bus tour to educate citizens on the failed economic policies of President Obama. The “Obama’s Failing Agenda” tour, which features 3 buses and will visit some 400 cities, focuses on the $1.7 Trillion Health Care Takeover, 42 straight months of unemployment above 8%, our $16 Trillion National Debt and the billions wasted on Solyndra and Green Energy Scams. For more information about the tour visit FailingAgenda.com.

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